Best Photo Effects Software

We use photo effects software to take our pictures to the next level and make them stand out. The internet is full of such software that bring a range of utility to our fingertips. Weather we need to make the photo as life-like as possible or add a few effects to bring about a different persona to the picture, photo editing software are getting smarter by the day and now you can achieve a lot by just clicking a few buttons. It is up to the user to make the best of the software available to them to get the best results.

Free vs. Paid

While there are a lot of different opinions as to which software is the best for photo editing, here is our 2 cents. The best software may be split in two broad categories; paid and free. Of course, most paid software will beat the free versions hands down so it will be an unfair comparison to paint them both with the same brush, pun intended.


The Best Paid Photo Effects Software

If you are more serious about your photography and don’t mind spending a little cash, then the best bang for your buck can be had with Luminar.


Luminar is a relatively new contender in the photo editing software market. While it offers great and versatile photo editing functions, it is also easier and more intuitive than a lot of older names. But this is not the only reason we picked Luminar as the best photo effects software. One of its best features is the amount of time and work that can be saved using presets in this software. It comes with around 50 free presets and a lot more that can be downloaded free of cost later on. It also allows you to save your custom presets to make the best of your time and resources.

luminar photo effects

Photo editing software is a must-have for any photographer. It allows you to make the best of your pictures and present them in a more professional manner. While the position for the best photo effects software is highly contended, based on factors such as features, usability, price and efficiency, these two are among the best in their respective categories.

The Best Free Photo Effects Software

Looking at the vast number of free photo editors available, here is our top contender as the best free software for photo effects:


This is a great photo editing software that not only is free but also available on the cloud, which means you don’t have to worry about system requirements, installation guides and disk space. The user interface and functionality resembles Photoshop, and is easy and intuitive. If you want your pictures to look better with effects but would rather not spend a whole lot of money on a photo editing software, Pixlr is just the choice for you. It also has some unique and quirky features like a grab button, which may be added to your computer and Firefox browser to add images to Pixlr on the go.

If you want even more filters and effects, then you can also take a look at Pixlr-o-matic that comes from the same company. It is known for its vintage filters and variety of editing tools and is equally as impressive as Pixlr.

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