The Best Windows Photo Editor

One of the best things when using a Windows computer is the wide compatibility with software that the OS offers. This means that photographers have access to a huge catalogue of photo editing programs that they can use whether they need something basic or very advanced.

With so many applications and programs available though, it becomes tedious to figure out which ones are really worth it. That is why we are going to list three very capable Windows photo editors that you might not have heard of yet.

Microsoft’s Own Photos – For Basic Editing

As far as basic photo editing goes, many users don’t need to look farther than the Photos app that comes preinstalled on a Windows 10 computer. This is a truly excellent application that not only opens up various image formats for you to preview but also let you edit your photos for basic corrections. You can easily crop and resize your photos, apply some good looking filters, or dive into advanced lighting and color correction controls. The app does not have a very vast collection of tools, but what it does is allow you to tweak your images for completely free without having to open up a heavy image editor.

windows photo editing

Polarr – For More Control

Polarr can be downloaded as a free app from the Windows Store. It offers a good amount of manual control over your photos. You can make quick and automatic edits or get into detailed photo editing with its wide range of features. Upon opening an image in the app, you are greeted with a filters panel on the left side of the screen, containing many visually pleasing presets ranging from vintage film to black and white. You can then apply these filters and either control their intensity with a basic slider, or dive into detailed control over the image with the tools present on the right of the screen. These include the likes of Light, Detail, Vignette, Curves, and more. Clicking on each tool opens up further options, allowing you to really take your image editing to a new level.

The free version of Polarr is limited in functionality, but still more capable than Photos. Polarr Pro can be had for just $19.99.

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Luminar – For Pro Level Editing

MacPhun’s photo editor is finally coming to Windows. After enjoying great success on Mac OS, the image editor has been released as a free beta for Windows users. While it may not be fully featured on Windows just yet, the beta can help you get to grips with its features till it launches.

The editor boasts 300 separate tools for editing your photos. There are simple to use presets, the ability to edit RAW photos, layers, curves, selective editing, and much more. The killer feature of Luminar is its easy to use design and extensive manual controls over your images. There is no learning curve here, so the overall process of editing your photos is made very easy and quick. If you can wait for a little while before making a purchase, Luminar is well worth it. And to make the deal even better, it’s much less expensive than a competitor like Adobe Photoshop would cost over a period of time.